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16-Jul-2019 13:13

She suffered a broken neck and had been trying to “get air” by pushing her legs against the seat of the car as it went over a hill.

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The depth of the pool water was clearly posted at 6-feet.

However, rest assured that statistically, you are far more likely to be injured, or killed in a car accident on the way to/or from Lagoon Amusement Park, Farmington, Utah, than on any of the park’s attractions.

Let’s do some statistics – Lagoon has likely averaged about 1 million visitors a season during the past 3 or so decades.

(-From the Ogden Standard-Examiner, July 25, 1922.)Burt was making his fourth ride of the night and was insistent on standing up during the ride.

He eventually lost his balance, slipped out – hung onto the car -- and was dragged 30 feet down one incline and partially up another, before he lost his grip and suffered the fatal fall.

The ride operator hastily decided to give the riders a second ride and failed to notice that Beckstead – in the rear car -- was already almost out of his seat, believing the ride to be over.