Sydney dating scene

11-Aug-2019 03:25

I'm sorry about being crass, but it's the only way to describe it.

The problem you're describing may be less to do with ethnicity and maybe more to do with culture or attitude.

It was essentially a echo chamber of self pit, misery, racism, insecurity and misogyny.

I’ve had cringe-worthy encounters and moments that seem like they fell out of a romantic comedy from the early '00s.

I’ve tried my best to give New York City the benefit of a doubt — surely, dating is always a roller coaster, regardless of where you live. What’s the dating scene like in some of the biggest cities around the world?

Dating in NYC comes with a lot of FOMO — we always think we can do better because for the most part, we can.

So we date reluctantly, always on the lookout for something better.So while you might have a ‘relationship’ they usually don’t lead anywhere.

To try to simplify the process and give you some important questions to mull over, here are 10 steps for staying satisfied, safe, and sane while having casual sex.… continue reading »

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