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10-Aug-2019 22:31

Based on observations of 27 binary star systems, it appears that light in deep space travels in curved paths on Riemannian surfaces.

where r is the Euclidean or straight-line distance, and R is the radius of curvature of Riemannian space.

(3) It is possible that the speed of light was considerably faster in the past. One suggestion is that the speed of light has been slowing consistently over the last 300 years, which extrapolates to a speed 5 x 10 If this is true, light from a 5 billion light-year star (assuming the distances actually are that great) would have reached us in 3 days!

Another suggestion is that the speed of light at the time of the Creation was infinite, and that a "shock wave" went out from the earth at the time of the Curse, slowing the speed of light down to its present value.

This is accomplished by a technique known as triangulation, or parallax.

One is that it is straight-line (Euclidean), and the other is that it is curved (Riemannian).

But our nearest star, Alpha Centauri, is 4 1/2 light-years or 2,365,000 light minutes from earth, for a ratio of approximately 148,000 to 1.