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During the administration of Dutch governor Iman Willem Falck, cinnamon plantations were established in Colombo, Maradana, and Cinnamon Gardens in 1767.The first British governor Frederick North prohibited private cinnamon plantations, thereby securing a monopoly on cinnamon plantations for the East India Company.Planters experimented with cocoa and cinchona as alternative crops but failed due to an infestation of Heloplice antonie, Further experimental tea plants were brought from Assam and Calcutta in India to Peradeniya in 1839 through the East India Company and over the years that followed.In 1839 the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce was established followed by the Planters' Association of Ceylon in 1854.Similarly, coffee stores rapidly converted to tea factories in order to meet increasing demand.Tea processing technology rapidly developed in the 1880s, following on from the manufacture of the first "Sirocco" tea drier by Samuel Cleland Davidson in 1877 and the manufacture of the first tea rolling machine by John Walker & Co in 1880—essential technologies that made realizing commercial tea production a reality.However, an economic slump in the 1830s in England and elsewhere in Europe affected the cinnamon plantations in Ceylon.

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In 1872 Taylor began operating a fully equipped tea factory on the grounds of the Loolkandura estate and that year the first sale of Loolecondra tea (Loolkandura) was made in Kandy.That same year the tea netted a record price of £36.15 per lb at the London Tea Auctions.

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