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5) Use Item (Choose 4) 1) Can I get you an apple martini?

' 3) So are you gonna tell me your name, or am I going to have to steal your wallet?

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Don't fret though, they're still pretty damn cute and hot ^_~. And no, I don't mean that stuff you can find online (like online flash games), but I mean commercial games. And I also don't mean Hentai games either (although some mix dating and the hentai together, ala Seasons of Sakura), as we have had a few of those come to us. well, they aren't deemed the most popular games outside of Japan. Objective: Get the VIP pass from Conor, the Lodge rich boy who runs the hip club, Sanctuary. 4) Sorry, I get a little jittery before I've had my coffee. (Choose 4.) 1) You obviously don't know much about snowboarding, do you? 2) I recommend the Double Black Diamond Ultra Custom Z-X5. 2) The board never matters, its the person on the board that makes a difference.

4) Use Item (Choose 3.) 1) A blind date for breakfast? (Choose 2.) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ski Brat ------------ Description: You just opened the Snow Bird mountain Ski Shop for the day. 3) Use Item (Choose 2.) 1) Aye, aye, Cap'n Observation. (Choice 2.) 1) [Take the money] 2) [Ignore the money] 3) [Throw the money in his face] (Choose 2.) 1) What do you want? 3) Unless you're the owner's son, I'm going to have to ask you to leave, please. 4) Use Item (Choose 2.) 1) I recommend the Mystic Powder. 5) Use Item (Choose 3.)**Golden Line** 1) Not really, no. The first I found in the Music section of the Extras, sometimes if you go too fast down the list for the music the game freezes. 2) In a scene where you have to talk to an old woman, do NOT pick the Raw Fish item ever. First time I played the game I went through the entire story, and a LOT of restarting scenes. Note: I won't include the dialogue that the two people say in this section.