Sprung the dating game becky

26-Apr-2019 00:15

After returning to the Sovereign, Becky informs everyone that any dates will have to wait until after their plan is completed.

She informs Crow that Princess Tephra is sending a trainload of soldiers to Crow's fortress in Bramble Flats in response to her brother's act of treason.

Crow's options are: These responses indicate that Crow does not actually view himself as a villain.

Malachite answers that he is a lover, not a fighter, and the media loves to portray him as the "bad boy demon lord." Malice briefly laments a mistake which had earned her the title villain despite her life of noble deeds before the incident.

Malachite will stumble over his words trying to come up with a response but ultimately folds, losing his confident demeanor.

He admits to reading the propaganda her kingdom sends, admiring her determination, and how he wishes he could stand up to his terrifying sister.

Her first question is about what kind of benefits she would receive while working under the bachelors.

Crow can select the following options: Malachite flirtatiously offers an office jacuzzi set up in the lobby and Malice will offer Becky her very own kingdom.

The first question she poses to the contestants is "How would you prepare for a date with me?

However, Becky interrupts the conversation and encourages Crow to appear on the show as a contestant, estimating the rise in popularity could help in spreading fear of Crow and his empire.