Spencer and tabby dating

25-May-2019 23:57

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Here are my opinions on all the latest goings-on within the fascinating world of the rich and famous, or more often, that of the z-list wannabes.

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Emily and Toby go to a dance together.jenna is the one who is blind Toby is Spencers boyfriend. He was Spencer's boyfriend, a cop and at one point she was A.

In the show, Toby was put in the slammer for something he didnt even do. But in the book, after Emily Fields told Toby "I know what you did".

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Jenna Cavanaugh was blinded after being hit in the face by a firework. She was blinded when Ali (who was actually Courtney at the time) threw a firework into the tree-house and blinded her by accident. Ali decides to go into Toby's treehouse and set off fireworks to…

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