Sophos av not updating

15-May-2019 23:51

Problem; Customers have reported issues running reports using Power Save and Faronics Core when the reporting period is later than June 23, 2019.

Solution; A fix for this issue has been posted here; Save...

PROBLEM In some cases the Deep Freeze Enterprise Console will open minimized and will not be able to be maximized.

ISSUE This was an issue in Deep Freeze 8.32 that was subsequently resolved with a updated version of the Enterprise Console. With the release of Deep Freeze Mac 7.x we Deep Freeze Mac is currently able to support Fusion Drives on systems that are running Mohave and have the APFS file system configured on the Fusion Drive.

If you need to run a manual update, you can do so via the following methods: For Windows - section 4 For mac OS - section 5 For Linux - section 8 Detected threats will be noted in the Sophos Endpoint status dashboard and events log.

Events will be automatically cleaned up unless there is action required.

As per section 5.6 of the Sophos for Linux configuration manual, Sophos Anti-Virus will update itself automatically from Sophos.

I have used clamav in the past but apparently now it’s detection rate is pretty low: The instructions are covered in Installing the standalone version of SAV for Linux/UNIX and also in the Sophos Anti-Virus for Linux startup guide. Sophos Anti-Virus contains an on- access scanner, an on-demand command-line scanner, the Sophos Anti-Virus daemon, and the Sophos Anti-Virus GUI. Updating SAVScan on-demand scanner Updating Virus Engine and Data Updating Manifest Update completed.