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That’s the only way a marriage can really work, but our modern world has lost sight of this.” Dave Willis ALL DIOCESAN CLERGY SHOULD BE FAMILIAR WITH THE CANONS OF THE CHURCH REGARDING CHRISTIAN MARRIAGE (WHICH APPEAR BELOW IN THIS CUSTOMARY).ALL DIOCESAN CLERGY ARE ALSO EXPECTED TO ADHERE TO THE FOLLOWING GUIDELINES IN REGARD TO THE SACRAMENT OF HOLY MATRIMONY.If for pastoral reasons, a priest requires the assistance of the Bishop to say “no,” he should contact the Bishop.Declaration of Nullity –The Bishop may issue a Declaration of Nullity for someone married by an Anglican priest and whose marriage has been dissolved for reasons of abuse, unfaithfulness, or abandonment, according to the teachings of Holy Scripture.Holding others to these high standards can point them to what is holy, and/or can prick their consciences, softening them to the Gospel call.Pastoral situations –Clergy will always be confronted with unique pastoral situations, especially in connection with weddings.Clergy must fill out the “Request for Remarriage” form (appended below) and e-mail it to the Bishop.Blessing a civil marriage of a divorced person –The Bishop’s approval must be obtained before Diocesan Clergy can bless the civil marriage of a person who has been divorced.

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Orji, OSB“When you get married, the state views your union as nothing more than a contract.To obtain his permission, Clergy must send him an e-mail request setting for the circumstances in question.Marrying divorced persons – The Canons require the Bishop’s permission for a Diocesan priest to perform a marriage ceremony for a divorced person (Title III, Canon 4, Sections 1-3, of the Diocesan Canons).It is recommended that all Diocesan Clergy periodically review these rubrics.

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Marriage license –Since, for purposes of performing marriage ceremonies, Clergy also act as agents of the state, it is important for priests, after performing a marriage ceremony, to sign and return the marriage licenses to the appropriate state agency in a prompt and timely manner.My two lawyer brothers have taught me that a “contract” is simply a document ultimately built on distrust between two parties where each person is primarily concerned only with his or her best interests.