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03-Mar-2019 11:56

I really wonder how this one worked out cause the wreaths unusually traveled quite far away. Andrew’s Day a girl went to knock on a chicken shelter (a place where you keep chickens at night) and ask if she is going to get married.Person who picked them, if any, must have no clue how they got into water. If she hears a cock (male chicken) first, she will get married and if she hears a hen first, poor thing is supposed to come next year again. Andrew is that girls baked fresh bread and put a piece of it in front of a dog.

Single girls were supposed to leave the house for a walk during preparation of the Christmas dinner. The letter the apple skin reminds the most, was the first letter in the name of the upcoming fiancée.

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Slovak love is the same like American, Turkish, Spanish, Eskimo or Swahili.

Note that being singe girl after 20 was a huge problem and shame for the family.

A special chapter of love superstitions is dedicated to Christmas.They lived according to the unspoken social rules based mostly on Catholicism.