Shu qi dating lee hom

03-Apr-2019 20:32

Fung, who is also a director, was involved in a nine-year relationship with Hong Kong actress Karen Mok, which ended in 2007.

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Lee Jinglei’s Teenage Years The Lees have been friends with Leehom’s parents for many years.

Lee Jinglei is half Japanese and half Taiwanese, and was known by her Japanese name, Michiko Nishimura, to classmates.

The couple revealed on Sina News that the wedding was a small simple affair without any fanfare.

When Jinglei was a young teenager, she often wore crop tops, intense makeup, and black nail polish.

Q: You took a three-year recording hiatus before your recent return with "The Firewatcher's Daughter." What did you focus on during your time away from the studio?

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After Leehom Wang (王力宏) announced his marriage to Columbia University doctoral student, Lee Jinglei (李靚蕾), curiosity about the beauty spread.

The couple got married in a small wedding on November 27 in New York, with only family and close friends in attendance.Fung was quick to add that Shu Qi wasn't pregnant, quashing any rumours that may arise from the private wedding.

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