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paralyzing fear of dating

In October, she hosted a champagne party at La Nouvelle Justine, a kind of Planet Hollywood of sex where snickering suburbanites bring friends on their birthdays for public spankings. “When I started writing, I felt like I was morally judged,” said Ms. “But with Clinton, with Monica going under the table and having that reported, that changed the whole sexual dialogue in America, which was great for my career and great for me .” Meanwhile, Salon columnist Susie Bright recently flew in from San Francisco to flog her new book, Full Exposure , at both the 92nd Street Y and Toys in Babeland, a store on Rivington Street that holds an annual Masturbate-a-thon (the proceeds go to charity). Bright’s editors at Salon are publishing a series called Nancy Chan: Diary of a Manhattan Call Girl .

Amy Sohn, who wrote an X-rated sex column for freebie New York Press , landed a book contract and a column at the New York Post .

“We want to try and stay away from cutting sex off at the neck.” Mo Sex is planning its own on-line magazine slated to go up in January, called .One does not have to be a prude to proclaim, ” Enough ! Craze expressed dismay at some of her fellow female writers’ sex-drenched marketing tactics. “I thought that it was just sort of something in the early, early 90’s.” We have entered an era when sex has become so mainstream, so ubiquitous, so… “I think it’s just tacky,” said Galaxy Craze, 28, a novelist and Upper West Side resident, of the Maxim -izing of New York. Why does part of everyone’s body have to be so accessible? I thought that ended with that hideous, that gross Madonna book.Griscom was trying to explain what sex is like in 1999.

“Just as in your late teens, early 20’s, when you first have sex, you’re kind of like, ‘Oh, my God, I can’t believe I’m having sex,’ I think that’s how people were in the late 60’s, early 70’s,” he said, his eyes fluttering delicately behind wire-rimmed Armani eyeglasses.

“The sexual revolution was like ‘Oh, my God, sex is fabulous, and we can have it whenever we want!