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08-Sep-2019 20:50

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Hey everyone, So, for the past 2 weeks I have been getting random bot accounts joining my Discord server and posting sexual content (I. Unfortunately this is a public server and I enjoy everyones company.

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This year, 40 women have been saved because of the software.There's no way that law enforcement has the capacity to respond to that.The chat bot allows us to connect with and deter all of those buyers online at any time.On the topic of oral sex, Planned Parenthood’s liberal sex bot advises these young teens to use condoms or “dental dams,” while urging regular testing to make oral sex “way safer” and “more fun.” This AI sex bot never even seems to consider suggesting abstinence as a great way to keeping oneself STD free. What a relief to know no one gets hurt or injured during an abortion — well, except for the baby that’s being killed.

But when asked about abstinence, the bot does say that it’s “totally normal” to practice abstinence. Other than that, Roo wants you to know that nothing bad happens with abortion. Nope: Interestingly, it seems whenever Roo might provide an answer that would condemn the things Planned Parenthood focuses on, he/she comes up empty.They even created a GIF to go along with it, emphasizing the “anything goes” approach: “You do you” the meme reads.

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