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One can also find information on sites such as the Australian government site SCAMwatch.

DISH Network does have Plans & Offers that do not require a credit card such as our "Activation Plan." It is a New Customer Purchase offer and can be explained as, Cash & Carry which means it doesn't require a contract and doesn't require a commitment.

As for those that don't require a credit card for upgrading, they are few and far between. There are many different places one might go to receive a free credit report.

The Annual Credit Report does not require a credit card and allows you to get reports from up to three credit reporting agencies.

See the source links for links to sites that can help provide more information on checking your credit score.

Many individual credit card companies will list information on how to get a credit card without having credit.

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The credit card system is relatively vulnerable on the internet.The official sites for Capital One, American Express, and Discover Card are good places to start finding information on this topic. Most applications will require that you have a checking account that you can use to fund the secured credit card during the application process, and many will charge a yearly fee to maintain the card. If the corporation is relatively new or had no credit history, the credito card company might demand that you personally guarantee the debt and you will need to have a credit check.If you have been in business a long time, the credit card company MIGHT not require a personal credit check.Most banks require students to open a savings account as part of the qualifications.

Getting a student credit card is now easy with the collaboration of universities and credit card companies.

Sometimes it can be difficult to get a credit card with a bad credit score.