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08-Jul-2019 21:21

But she did the sad fact is he takes care of her to kids one of which may not even be his and doesn’t even Klein mine signed to way his rights after she even told me over the phone when he did have right that she would not help him take care of my son if he got unsupervised station.

The reason he had on supervisors to station as until after I was pregnant I did not find out that he is registered sex offender who knowing we write a 12 year old when he was 19 years old.

This woman still claims I don’t even call her a woman she’s trailer trash toothless trailer trash at that still claims to this day that she did not know about me yet she saw me with him giving him hugs and kisses those of which you would know that we were together and not just friends but to save her own nasty a55 she claims I didn’t know about them.

And that their were many complaints about her floating around online. A little about this guy, married a beautiful Barbie doll, face, body, brain, has it all, had 2 kids, then decided to cheat because he got bored and didn’t want to deal with a full time family of 4. He lives in a crappy small apartment and drives the minivan he took from his wife and is drowning in debt. She have sex with married men for favors and money. She stole from various men and even went to jail for it. Hannah Scott is from Woodruff SC, she is at the Legion daily, so if you want to find a quick easy lay.. She loves to sleep with married men, and then call and tell the wife she did so.So you see they both live off the system but the thing that hurts the most is the fact that my son to this day at 7 and a half almost 8 years old ask me why does it has that have anything to do with him and I don’t have the heart to tell him that he has three others children that he does for that my son is the only one that he refuses to claim or do anything for and this for has no problem with him this only has son if she was a real woman she wouldn’t want to be with the man who abandon his own son.She would have been courage him to pay the minimum amount with was.This nasty b**** met my ex while we were still together expecting a baby and had two young boys at home one who was 3 and the other who was 11 years old at the time and we were expecting a baby boy.

She knew that we were expecting a baby boy yet she wrote a letter telling my ex that she wanted to f*** him and get married and have his kids and that he and she wouldn’t fight like we did what she didn’t know was that he was leaving me at home with his three-year-old at the time while he was out fuking her.During that weekend he was supposed to come back and get me but sent me a text message telling me he wasn’t coming back and that he had met someone else her Kayla and moving her in with all of my stuff still there while they got rid of all of my jewelry sold everything I owned of value and kept whatever they wanted the only thing I got back was a couple of movies yearbooks and my dresser and clothes.