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26-May-2019 17:49

Clothing has since become a fashion statement, and nowadays we are so used to seeing people clothed, that as soon as a certain amount of naked flesh is shown, we are unnerved by it.This seems to have brought about a sense of body shame.‘How have we evolved so far away from our utmost primary state of being that it is actually against the law to be nude in public?’ Naked is who we are and who we come into the world as. I am simply an artist looking to humorously poke at some interesting thoughts about society and question who we are and embody as human beings inhabiting this home we call Earth.It seems that, as these images are the ones that are constantly in the media, we then compare ourselves to photographs that have been edited, photoshopped and chosen only after thousands different takes are captured.The less natural body shapes we see and the fewer naked images we see, the higher chance we have of believing that ours are somehow different to the majority of others and should be hidden away.

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What we wear acts as a silent language allowing us to portray who we are or want to be, suggesting to the outer world an impression on us—whatever that may be.We feel that if we expose ourselves in any way—not just breasts, even showing a lot of leg or bare back—we are sexualising ourselves and, therefore, degrading ourselves in some way.It makes sense, then, that a lot of us are now embarrassed and somewhat uncomfortable with our own bodies.Although I am a firm believer in being comfortable in our own skin, and in removing the feelings of shame that we have toward it and that we project onto other people’s bodies, I do also believe that it will take some time before we can remove the sexualisation of the human body so that we are free to express ourselves as we choose, without fear and without judgement.

It seems the more we keep our bodies hidden away and covered up, the more we feel that our natural bodies, flesh and bones, are less beautiful and less important than the fabrics we swathe them in.Our style can also communicate who is similar to us or who is not, and then judgments can be quickly made that can affect how we interact with others.

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