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Joseph was born at Fort Okanagan in 1834 and baptized by Father Demers in 1838. Margaret, Salmon Arm Bork, Elizabeth, Okanagan Falls Borrett, Alan & Liz, Kelowna Boss, Bernice, Armstrong Boss, Rawleigh, Armstrong Bowen-Colthurst, Mr. L., Keremeos Finch, Hildred, Keremeos Finch, J., Vernon Findlay, Raymond W. In May 1912, the Indian Department and the Washington State Historical Society brought the elderly Joseph back to Fort Okanagan in order that he might identify features of the old fort. Survived by wife Shirley (Grey); sons Thomas and Michael; daughter Colleen Harder. Nowhere has the boundary settlement influenced local history more than in the Okanagan and Similkameen. Along with her husband, she owned and operated the Royal Bakery until 1976. By taking advantage of the government Make Work Grant, we employed a qualified Tour Guide with historical research abilities.Although it was more than a decade before engineers of a British and American Joint Boundary Commission marked the exact location of the 49th parallel in our area, the Hudson's Bay Company, foreseeing the difficulties of carrying on their affairs in foreign territory — paying duty on furs passing down the Columbia to be shipped to markets in London or in other parts of the world, then paying duty on trade supplies imported — decided to relocate its posts on British soil. John Mc Loughlin, feeling the pressure of settlers moving into the Oregon Territory, had sent James Douglas to establish Fort Victoria on Vancouver Island. Author's Note: In 1974, the Archives of the Hudson's Bay Company were moved from London, England to the Provincial Archives of Manitoba. Judith Hudson Beattie, Keeper of the Hudson's Bay Archives, and her obliging and helpful staff of researchers. This cost us extra, but we believe it to be well worth while at this stage of our development.

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Once the Oregon Treaty was accepted, only territory north of the 49th parallel remained "British" Columbia. She was a volunteer for many organizations and spent many hours as a worker for Red Cross Blood donor clinics. Respectfully submitted by Pat Carew, Member, Kelowna Harley Hatfield, Member, Penticton Bernard Webber, Member, Osoyoos Dorothy Zoellner, Member, Kelowna Peter Tassie, Chairman, Vernon 196 O. Our donations for the year seem to remain the same and we believe they will continue at this level as long as they are on a volunteer basis.FUR TRADING POSTS IN THE OKANAGAN AND SIMILKAMEEN When the War of 1812 broke out, the North West Company took advantage of the situation to persuade the American Pacific Fur Company to sell out its interests in the Columbia region. Compton Brown, The Pilgrimage to Old Fort Okanogan, 1951), Cox records this description of the fort: By the month of September, we had erected a new dwelling house for the person in charge, containing four excellent rooms and a large dining hall, two good houses for the men and a spacious store for the furs and merchandise, to which was attached a shop for trading with the natives. Compton Brown, "Old Fort Okanogan and the Okanogan Trail," Oregon Historical Quarterly, March 1914, p. Our volunteer crew, consisting of OHS and Knights of Columbus members, continues to answer the call. E., Vernon Green, George, Enderby Green, James & Katherine, Vernon Green, Marie, Kelowna Green, Vicki A., Vernon Gregory, Dr.