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07-Jun-2019 10:28

I must admit soemtimes i do say a moan or two, so he doesn't feel bad.(NOT ALL THE TIME THOUGH) But, cause he's not doing it, (i even show him with my hands) he get annoyed and says stuff like ' can't i jut go inside you know' , 'my hands so tired' . When my mouth is aching and i can hardly breathe i still go for it.Plus, im always going down on him, and he love it and dont get me wrong he says how good i am etc.

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It's day surgery my daughter went home 2 hours after having the procedure & was back at school the next day.

Without realising that i need to be 'stimulated', soemtime im not even wet!! And i just think, it shouldnt be a chore to pleasure your girlfirend.