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02-Jul-2019 20:18

This code is now implemented using hand optimized MMX/SSE instructions. This should improve compatibility with many programs that use this feature (i.e.

Skype, MSN, Flash) – Direct show applications can now use full set of PS3Eye camera frame rate capabilities.

If for some reason the camera Direct Show files (PS3and PS3Eye Lib.dll) are not removed and still on your system, follow these steps to manually remove them: Manual removal of PS3and PS3Eye files: – Close any program that are using PS3Eye camera.

– Press ‘Win Key’ R on your keyboard or alternatively go to Start-Run – Type the following: regsvr32 /u “C:\Program Files\Alex P\” – You will see the following dialog box confirming successful un-registration of the PS3file.

After investigating the issue I found out that my ISP’s server was infected. This was due to running installer/uninstaller while MSN messenger is opened. Notes (v2.1.0.0130): Thank you for your valuable feedback.

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It will also allow for clean Unistall, for those of you that are experiencing problems with Flash content in IExplorer and Mozilla browsers.

Please make sure you fully uninstall any previous version of PS3Eye software you have on your machine before installing this latest release.

Notes (v2.0b81111): Fixed bug that caused errors in AMCAP in the previous version.

I am currently looking into this and possibly a way to find a workaround.

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Notes (v1.0b81007): Increased compatibility by setting default capture frame rate to 15fps for Direct Show filter (320×240), making it fully compatible with Flash and many video conferencing programs out there. Notes (v2.0b81019): Created Direct Show camera property page (selectable resolution and frame rate). Implemented both 32-bit and 64-bit version of the PS3Eye driver.

It was due to one of the libraries I was using in my code. Notes (v3.0.0.0825): Thank you for all your valuable feedback.