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Anatomically, they are the only bird family with a fused pectoral girdle, and the vestigially-webbed feet set on very short legs attracted Darwin's () attention as an example of a phyletic vestige with no current adaptive value.

In a spectacular courtship display, males sit in varying size groups, sacs all inflated, clattering their bills, waving their heads back and forth, quivering their wings, and calling to females flying overhead.

While adept in the air, frigatebirds have short legs and small feet, and never walk or swim.

The frigatebird family is perhaps the most distinctive among the order Pelecaniformes.

Pasture mating is a more relaxed affair where natural instincts can play a larger part in selection of optimum mating time. Before we get started on the good parts, let’s take a short overview of an alpaca's sexual habits and reproduction.

It will help to understand some of the methods and timings we use within the mating program.This is an important point, as over time some males can take a dislike to certain females (or probably the other way around! Other methods such as embryo transfer (ET) and artificial insemination (AI) are methods of breeding still being researched.