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Mc Adams was arrested by Under-sheriff D E Bertken.- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Mariposa (Mariposa Co) July 22- Interruption of an alleged wholesale and retail beer business marked the return of J C Willams, special prohibition agent to valley counties. I M Hawley, near Hayward, Mariposa County, described by officers as a "young brewery," the corps of dry officials, including Sheriff A Turner, Mariposa, unearthed 1000 pints of beer , 1,400 additional bottles ready to be filled, and vats in full operation.

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Definite proof of the value of the apple as a commercial cop in the county was shown this week when a chain store system contracted for the purchase of the entire crop of apples at the Wheeler ranch, which totaled several thousand boxes.

The change in name from Cathay to Cathey's Valley followed a petition to the US Postal Department by nearly 100 per cent of the residents in that area.

Cathey's Valley is named for the Cathey family who originally settled in this agricultural area and filled the bread basket for the miners during the Gold Rush.

After only a short time at the Jerseydale ranch the buyers bargained for the entire output.

The apples are to be hauled to Merged, where they will be distributed to the various stores of the chain group.

The indications are that the production of apples in this county will greatly increase as time goes on as there area a number of areas in which the fruit can be grown successfully, and there always appears to be a good market for crops of first quality, the orchardist said.

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