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Since then, every poor economic headline in the lapdog media has been preceded with the word "unexpected," as if the clueless chairman's pronouncements were suddenly the Gospel, and the economy had indeed recovered.

Common sense tells us that if phenomenon A causes problem B, then B cannot be rectified unless A is first removed.

The blow has knocked him out cold and the medics try to revive him.

The best suggestion they can come up with is to have Lesnar pound the man's head even harder with his fists.

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Meanwhile, for reasons detailed below, the money supply will constantly increase.

When the man has seizures from the repeated pounding, a medic (coincidently named Bernanke) screams gleefully "Hurray, he's moving."Sadly, such is the response to our present crisis by the policy makers in Washington, DC.

To solve a problem caused by malinvestments resulting from easy credit at 1 percent interest rates, the Fed is supplying even more easy money at 0.25 percent.

So if one defines deflation as a reduction in the M2 money supply, then we are indeed experiencing deflation.

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On the surface, consumers are finally getting religion, curbing their spending habits and paying down debt.A "loose" condition means the car turns too readily and wants to spin out.

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