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22-Jun-2019 08:46

February is generally the slowest month of the year, but it does feature Valentine's Day, which triggers a great deal of seasonal business.

In March, attendance at church and other religious activities jumps 60 percent.

If the snow does fall, then all sales are final, and the merchant was able to sell all his snowblowers at full price.

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For example, in the northern United States, ice cream shops other than those located inside shopping malls simply close for the winter once the temperature dips down to the freezing level.

Throughout the business world, there are numerous types of businesses that operate on a strictly seasonal basis, while many others stay open year-round but make a significant portion of their annual profits in one, or possibly two, seasons.

Examples include vacation resorts, which in some regions of the United States are only open for part of the year (spring and summer in the northern U.

For example, it is not unusual for a creative hardware store to run a special on snowblowers late in the fall.

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As a gimmick to lure buyers, the store offers to refund the entire purchase price of a new snowblowers if a certain amount of snow does not fall that winter.

Around Christmas, the studios release serious pictures expected to gain Academy Award attention together with big-budget films that are aimed at the entire family.

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