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22-Jul-2019 17:36

He did not indicate that his book played a part in the separation as the alluded changes in thinking seem to be broader than that, and both Harris and his wife indicate a departure — to some extent — from what they would term their “conservative” upbringing.

Some have responded to the announcement with sorrow, and others have continued to lash out at Harris for teaching courtship and emotional and physical purity before marriage in the first place.

They don’t need to manipulate behavior or manage image. Praying you can begin again.” Dear Reader, has Christian been of benefit and a blessing to you?

Love feels: Safe Love feels: Accepted.” Shannon had appeared on Sovereign Grace Music worship projects, and now has ventured out to create secular music as a singer/songwriter. For many years now, the Lord has seen fit to use this small news outlet as a strong influential resource in keeping Christians informed on current events from a Biblical worldview.

But when you get into this — we’re in this relationship where we’re sharing more and more of our hearts and our bodies, is that really a good thing if you’re not ready for commitment to the other person? Harris said that some had advised him that the suggested standards in his book had negative ramifications in their life and that he was “really trying to listen to these voices.” His listening period to those who thought he was being too stringent resulted in a decision to retract the book.

In 2018, Harris released a formal statement advising that he no longer believes Christians shouldn’t date and asked his publisher to stop printing “I Kissed Dating Goodbye.” He, however, also expressed apprehension over calls to throw out all of his teaching on purity.

“There are going to be people that want to continue to embrace different aspects of purity culture, and they should have the freedom to have that option,” he said.

Harris’ wife, Shannon, recently posted a video to Instagram where she discussed how being taught by the church that her “heart is deceitful” was “damaging” to her, and that her “fundamentalist conservative Christianity experience taught [her] to ignore [her] inner voice.” She used the hashtags #exvangelical (meaning an ex-evangelical) and #spiritualhealing with her post. Harris, who is posting under her maiden name Shannon Bonne, also wrote on July 8, “Healthy churches don’t use fear, bullying or shaming.

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“The world takes us to a silver screen on which flickering images of passion and romance play, and as we watch, the world says, ‘This is love.’ God takes us to the foot of a tree on which a naked and bloodied man hangs and says, ‘This is love,'” Harris wrote.Harris also admitted in an interview published the following day that he is sometimes “tempted” to “forget it all” in regard to his faith because of his “very conservative” upbringing, as he characterized it.