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A generation of people at the top creative rungs of Hollywood credit Shandling with shaping both their material and their careers."There are so many people who lean on him to be their sage in these matters of what's dramatic—not just what's funny, but what's effective, and what's real, and what's funny is what's real," says Robert Downey Jr., who compares Shandling to "a Jewish E. He's kind of vulnerable while at the same time very probing. Silverman says Shandling has taught her how to embrace the silences during her stand-up act.

And Apatow still counts the night Shandling hired him to write jokes for the 1991 Grammy Awards show as "the biggest break of my career." Apatow later wrote for inked on the back of his neck. We're in the living room, checking out his speakers—a six-foot-tall pair of Alexandria X-2 Wilsons that he calls "the best rock 'n' roll speakers in the world"—when he leans forward to show me the tattoo. It was a stalemate.")"I'm coming back to you," he reassures me, sensing that I'm lost.

"Conan's completely free now," Garry says with a solemnity more gurulike than you'd expect from someone who got famous making jokes about his hair.

"He doesn't have to fit into someone else's mold."But what Garry really wants to talk about is that hand-me-down cookie. —he adjusts his black baseball cap and takes off: "I asked the same question, and they said, ' It's an airplane cookie.' And I didn't want to ask what that was exactly. "I was in a situation once over water where they said they were having a technical problem with my cookie.

The invitation-only crowd gathers in his kitchen to drink coffee, and at twelve thirty everyone heads out the patio doors, past the pool, and down a series of steps into the lower yard.

As is the custom, the first person to reach the half-court grabs a leaf blower and sweeps it clean.

' They said, ' We're going to have to switch cookies.Toward the end of February, in the first-class cabin of a United flight from Hawaii to Los Angeles, the only man on the planet who has hosted late-night talk shows, appeared on late-night talk shows, and created an iconic TV series that parodied a late-night talk show encountered the man who had just been famously ousted from a late-night talk show. Conan O' Brien and his family were three rows back.The two men are close friends, and their unexpected proximity made Shandling happy—so happy, he says, that he asked a flight attendant to deliver O' Brien a present. Shandling can't finish his cookie, and he thought you might want to have the rest," the woman told O' Brien, presenting the crumb-littered plate.I don't know what that means, but that seems like it would be funny.' And Garry said, ' Yeah. Your instincts are good.' Garry's always talking about your instincts."Conan's not the only one to use Shandling as a sounding board.

For the past five years especially, the 60-year-old comic, who counts both George Carlin and Johnny Carson as mentors, has devoted himself to mentoring others.

Judd Apatow plays infrequently, but only, he says, because "Sarah's better than me, and it's shameful for me, as a man, to accept that.", Shandling's pioneering metacomedy on HBO.