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Lee says her paternal grandmother, Lorraine Waldroop, raised her and younger sister Cindy in their early years, after Wayne and Vicky split up.

She credits Lorraine for giving her early lessons in cooking. In exactly 50 days, I turn 50; so I'm sharing 50 special moments in my life that have great meaning to me.

At age 59, Andrew Cuomo is currently serving as the 56th Governor of the state of New York–and that’s a pretty important role!

Lee’s parents, Wayne Waldroop and Vicky Svitakand, were teenagers when they had her.Famous TV chef Sandra Lee had a rough go of things for a good couple of years.The Food Network host and author of 25 books was diagnosed with breast cancer in May 2015 and underwent a double mastectomy.Lee worked as a waitress in between classes to support herself.

She dropped out during her junior year and moved back to California, and began using the last name Christiansen again.

Two of his more notable accomplishments during his time in office are improving the state’s gun control regulations and legalizing same-sex marriage.