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Anyways, last nights episode was fun and even has some familiar faces.Trent & Colton Edwards: Identical twins who have only be dancing for three years.I really hope tonight is that last time I ever see her on my TV. Anyway, is anyone else FINALLY excited that they’re finally eliminating someone tonight.

Bryan Volozanin “Clocks”: Honestly, sometimes I only half paying attention to some stories but when Bryan mentioned he was apart of the Jabbawockeez show in Vegas…I was like wait…what?tags: Adam Lambert, Adam Shankman, Ashleigh Di Lello, Bianca Revels, Cat Deeley, Channing Cooke, Debbie Allen, Ellenore Scott, Jakob Karr, Kathryn Mc Cormick, Kevin Hunte, Legacy Perez, Leona Lewis, Lil' C, Mary Murphy, Mollee Gray, Nathan Trasoras, Nigel Lythgoe, Noelle Marsh, Peter Ruger, Russell Ferguson, Ryan Di Lello Ok. w=300" data-large-file=" w=1738" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-4302" title="SYTYCD Top 16: Russell Ferguson and Noelle Marsh" src=" I hope we get to hear Debbie Allen talk more, though. I liked her too much, therefore, she wasn’t long for this world…yet, she made it this far! I’m sure this won’t be the last time I’ve seen you. Jakob for Numero Uno, given that she may be deemed too similar to Jeanine Mason. So I totally slacked last night and I’m starting 39 minutes late tonight…and I’m shoving Pho down my throat. w=600" alt="" srcset=" w=600 600w, w=1200 1200w, w=128 128w, w=300 300w, w=768 768w, w=1024 1024w" sizes="(max-width: 600px) 100vw, 600px" / YES! In fact, it’s as forgettable as what, what was that song? While I like Jakob, don’t we have one like him every season? I think I recall them bastardizing this, which pissed me off. I don’t even think its an elaborate ruse, I mean, duh. And yes, my sensitive side gets affected by this sort of thing. And Cat is sweet for not making him get off stage when he’s holding up Santy Krump. I won’t watch it, but I hope he gets more exposure on that show. And he’s just happy he got to dance with his #1 lady on the SYTYCD stage. THE GLITTERY GOD FROM PLANET FIERCE LANDED IN HIS SPECIAL FIERCE SPACESHIP WITH HIS HEAD EMBLAZONED ON THE SIDE.

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Mollee Moron fails to infuse any real Bollywood spirit into this damn routine. Cat Deeley can just pull that sort of thing off, you see, because she is CAT DEELEY and she is a GODDESS. I also am touched when I see Ryan Jackman helping Russell on stage. BTW, I totally think Benny Ninja choreographed those dancers behind her. Plus, its an easy way to let everyone do something…whoa. So did they have to scrap all the live numbers because of his injury?