Rules dating your therapist

20-Jun-2019 17:47

He's actually a good dude and her ex was a scumbag....

but it's still enough that he could lose his license if people found out.

Most psychologist orders are quick to end a career to avoid any possible legal consequences, so it's often unlikely that you'd get a quick slap on the wrist and some punishment like continuing training and someone monitoring your practice. I'm getting my master's in counseling now and doing my internship as a youth and family counselor. I would never jeopardize my career for a quick romp.

Not to mention the harm to the individual that would cause.

Is there a way this can be done that would be considered ethical?

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He said that he wanted to catch up again soon and that it had been great to talk like this.

Outside of gross negligence or doing something illegal, it is probably the easiest way to lose your outside of healthcare industry I was a teaching assistant in university and I was expected to report if I have any special relationships with my students to avoid conflict of interests.

There was a professor who got into a relationship with his student and got busted.

They keep it a secret but she is loud mouthed when she is drunk. She was fired, her license was revoked, she was fined, I divorced her, she lost most of her friends.

She is now in her 40s working hourly and still paying off her student loans. Not just for therapists, but dating patients is a big no-no in pretty much every healthcare profession.Two of my friends have been blatantly asked out by their therapists at some point. I know this field isn't perfect, and even some of the people I'm in grad school with are pretty lousy people, but hearing that was upsetting.

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