Rozonda thomas dating now

02-Apr-2019 06:35

In other words, Grace is probably sick n’ tired of frontin’ out here in these streets, like she’s unbothered by the drama of Usher’s herpes scandal and cheating allegations. Usher Raymond married in September of 2015, after having dated for 6 years prior, since 2009.

Even on their 2 year anniversary last year, after the herpes scandal broke, it seemed as if Grace was standing strong by her man.

They were seen flaunting their love in social media.

But, the couple parted their ways without commenting on the reason for the break-up.

As of today, fans may now have a chance to see Usher ad Chilli do just that one day, who knows?

Most of them want those two to rekindle that ol’ flame again anyway.

Now, it kinda makes one wonder if Chilli already knew some inside info about their situation, that us regular folks didn’t. Because her tweet, though short and sweet, was a tad outta character for Chilli, who hardly ever publicly talks about her past relationship with Usher and damn sure never tweets about the brotha, being that he’s married and all.