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14-May-2019 06:21

But phones don't have each tab listed horizontally across the top, so to switch between them, you need to go to the tab switcher page and then find the link you wish to reopen.

Well, if you are using Chrome, there's a faster way.

However, it's not possible at this time to make collages directly in the Instagram app.

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They're particularly popular among families with young kids, so they've been a key part of our personal lives for many years now.Maybe it's something funny, possibly offensive. Whatever the case, the only thing to do is screenshot it and share that, right? Instagram is currently testing a feature that would allow you to share comments with others via a direct message and maybe even to stories and other apps.Does your Activity page on Instagram feel cluttered? Instagram lumps all alerts into one long, chaotic timeline, so if you want to see comments or likes, you have to weed through everything else including shares from other users, memories, recommendations, and new follows.These "events" are actually spam ads and potential phishing threats.

If this has happened to you, you're not alone — but luckily, there's a way to put an end to it.

Screen recording is an essential tool for sharing what's on our smartphones.

Use that voice in the bedroom and speak up about your wants and needs.… continue reading »

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Online dating is all about being photogenic, and if you are photogenic, it can be fun.… continue reading »

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Christian Kane is one of the most popular actor and a renowned singer in America.… continue reading »

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