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24-Apr-2019 18:40

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I have a B77HS mk2, but it's faulty unfortunately and I haven't figured out how to fix it.Fast wind was having problems on mine, and the pinch roller solenoid was underpowered as well.It can also be remotely controlled, I'm not sure if the A77 can do that.Some people say that the A77 sounds a bit better, I can't really judge.Stand-alone DACs, bad-ass Japanese direct-drive turntables, and a few others are enjoying rebirths, too.But who would have predicted a comeback for reel-to-reel tape?What you might want to look out for is the PR99, especially the mk2 or mk3 versions.

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But yeah, I was sure it had 'high speed' on the head cover too, and it doesn't.

Operating hours are 9am-4pm Monday-Friday Central Time All repair work guaranteed for 90 days For those who need a rock-solid industrial-quality tape player for playing tape collections, the PR99 is the perfect tool.