Rest area bathroom sex

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The whole bathroom was open, why did he have to come right next to me? As he continued the blowjob, I felt him do something no woman had ever done. And look, your cock is rock solid even though it hasn’t been touched since we got in the truck. He leaned forward to put pressure on my ass and then I felt the cock head push past the initial muscle of my asshole.

As I looked out of the corner of my eye, I found my answer. He stuck the tip of his tongue into my cock’s slit. He kept sucking me and began to take more and more of me into his throat until my cock was buried all the way. Besides, haven’t you enjoyed everything we have done? As the initial pain subsided, my body began to feel more and more pleasure with each inch that entered my ass.

Along some highways and roads are rest stops known as wayside parks, roadside parks, or picnic areas.

The most basic rest areas have no facilities: they consist solely of an exit from the highway that leads to a roadway with paved shoulders, where drivers can rest, look at their maps or nearby scenery, or use cell phones.

Facilities may include park-like areas, fuel stations, public toilets, water fountains, restaurants, and dump and fill stations for recreational vehicles.

A rest area with limited to no public facilities is a parking area, scenic area, or scenic overlook.

It was about 10 pm and I had been driving for about 3 hours on my way home to DC. He kept fucking me hard, making my virgin ass raw, for a good 10 to 15 minutes. After all of that time of his hard cock rubbing my prostate, my dick twitched and shot a rope of cum all the way up onto my face without either of us touching my cock. He moved his fingers to my mouth and I opened wide.

The drive down 70 East is curvy, but I have been making the trip quite often lately so even the mountains and hills weren’t enough to keep me awake anymore. That was filled with several more streams of cum landing on my face and chest. His would be the first of many cocks I would suck and fuck. I sucked every bit of cum off his fingers, savoring the taste of his cum mixed with my shit.

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I had a girlfriend do this once and knew I enjoyed the feeling of having my ring rubbed. He put two fingers in front of my mouth and I sucked them for him. Hold your knees to your chest, just like they are.” He got onto his knees, spit in his hand and started to rub the saliva on his cock. This cocksucker was living up to his promise and then some! As he got half way inside of me, I asked him to stop.