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In the fomt which accompanies dentition in infancy there is often much constitutional distress, ar onvulsions are sometimes induced.

The sense of taste is blunted and |)erverted so that the patient complains especially of a *' bad " taste, or a slimy, clammy, sometimes bitter taste, and a "foul" smell.

The ulcers are covered, as a rule, with whitish or dirty grey necrosed patches of mucous membrane, and surrounded by a red, swollen rim ; they bleed easily.

The tongue is swollen and thickly furred, indented by the teeth, and ulcerated at its edges.

— Treatment of Catarrhal Affections OF THE Respiratory Groans: Acute Bronchial Catarrh .... The tollowing lotion may also be used every two or three hours : — "^ IV Boracis j Glycerini ,,]\ *°* drachmas quatuor (31^). If the"- should be diarrhoea, as is not uncommon, small doses of bismuth carbonate with chalk mixture may be given to check it.□ Colourad pagas/ Pagaa da coulaur E Pagas damaged/ Pagas andommagias r~n Pagas rastorad and/or laminated/ n Pages rastaurias at/ou pallicu Wr Pages discoloure9o6, 1908 Fourth Edition 1909- Rep'in'tii »9'o AIX RIGHTS KE. In cachectic cases tonics must be given internally; qmnine in \. When it supervenes on law cachectic states it is usually of evil omen.

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