Radtreeview not updating

27-Mar-2019 11:23

Workaround the issue by using the Begin Update/End Update methods of Rad Tree View when updating the nodes: rad Tree View1.

Forth from Q3 2011, Rad Tree View can be bound to an OData service.

As you can see, having set the Initial Container Name property and the Navigation Property on the first Enitity Type we have described a hierarchy, which has categories at the root level and products in the child ones.

The Selected Node Changed event is raised when a node is selected in the Tree View control.

If the selected node is collapsed, the newly added nodes are not visible but the scrollbar updates as if they were. Clear(); foreach (Rad Tree Node tree Node in nodes) rad Tree View1.

And by the way, you are confusing source and target values in your question, here the functionality you want is to update the Target Value which is the property where your Text Box.

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