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15-Aug-2019 02:37

At the end of the day though, don’t take my word for it.Just like I mentioned in this article, do your own research and figure out things on your own and find few mentors you can trust. Once you get over the hurdle, and once you climb that mountain that most people give up and turn around on, that’s when you start seeing the gains, realizing that the mountain was simply the obstacle that rewarded those who climb it and made your skill truly valuable.The nature of how bootcamps work actually make them less flexible to adapt and update their content compared to online resources. Trust me, doing a bootcamp is not a sure ticket to success. Anything in life that is worth having, or a skill that pays well, requires hard work because by definition it is hard to acquire and hard to find talent for. There is no such thing as a perfect programmer that knows everything and can answer all coding question. It’s a path for people that want to constantly learn.Sure, it seems like there is no chance that you will ever know all the things you need to become a great developer. If you feel like you have so much to learn and you don’t have enough time in your life to learn everything, then good. Even small steps each day to learn have compounding effects in 10 years.If you’re looking to master everything in a month, make 7 figure salary and retire in 3 years, you’re probably in the wrong field.If you want to focus on mastery, constantly evolve your knowledge, and build real things that matter, then welcome. Don’t pretend like you know what something means just because you think the person next to you knows it and you will sound dumb for asking the question. This isn’t an instagram post where you’re perfect and you are sitting on the side of an infinity pool looking at the mountains with a cup of matcha tea and you talk about how you have your life figured out. It’s ok to ask questions and show that you don’t have everything figured out.If you enjoyed my writing you may like some of my other articles: Thank you for reading this far. I will keep doing these if there is enough interest!

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This is a skill that goes beyond just learning to code.

However, keep in mind that what bootcamps offer are the same as what you can find online.

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