Problem updating nikon nx

15-Jul-2019 14:03

problem updating nikon nx-42

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Moreover, I was unable to select a camera preset (e.g. After hours of scouring the Internet, I found out that the older version of Transfer strips out and/or omits adding key metadata from D800 and D4 files since ACR and other software don’t know what to do with the NEF files.This happens presumably because Nikon Transfer does not recognize the camera.Everything seemed normal, that is until I arrived home.When I uploaded my pictures to my local storage drives and began rating and culling, I noticed that all pictures taken with the D800 weren't previewing properly in View NX2.Sidecar files ensure non-destructive image processing, and you can post images to social sites directly from the View NX-i platform.I couldn't do a full review because it asked for my admin password.

Other than that, I don't really use the netbook since it’s a bit too small for day-to-day use.Instead of opening up a 7360 x 4912 pixel file, files measured a measly 1632X1080 pixel.