Pre dating counseling

12-Jul-2019 20:14

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Many simply don’t value the institution of marriage.They desire some of the benefits that come with marriage, yet they fail to see that you can’t really experience the fullness of those benefits outside of marriage itself (see “Living Together Before Marriage” and other articles in the “Marriage” section on this site).I’m going to assume that if you are reading this, you also believe the Bible is God’s inspired Word, something you are to follow and live by.So if we are going into marriage knowing that it definitely is for life, then our approach to marriage is likely to be quite different from someone who might feel otherwise.The odds of experiencing a marriage with a high degree of peace and happiness improve significantly if you both understand the importance of a healthy relationship with God.The same can be said when we come to understand how important it is that we communicate with one another in a way that is honest and loving.In fact, we have been husband and wife for over 30 years, and our marriage continues to get better and better as far as I’m concerned.If you asked her, I believe she would tell you the same.

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If you place importance on the Bible, it can be very helpful to seek a Bible-believing minister with training in marriage counseling.

Just as it takes time to find the venue you want for your wedding, to get invitations out, to purchase or rent your attire, to find a caterer and a photographer and to save the money for everything, it is most ideal if premarital counseling begins months in advance.

Frankly, it could be argued that counseling should begin before you even get engaged. What happens if you go through counseling only to discover something that makes it obvious you are not well-suited?

And that’s not because it was bad at the beginning either.

The reason I was nervous was simply the immensity of the moment and the realization of the commitment I was making to this person and to God.However, a large reason for that is that fewer people are choosing to get married in the first place.

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