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04-Aug-2019 20:24

There are apparently also crap loads of cultural things going on everywhere for free: We have been to free museums, concerts, exhibitions, clubs and countless other stuff. The reason while our relationship ended had nothing to do with money.We just figured that our level of desire for romance and physical contact is so different that if we keep on rolling this relationship none of us will be happy. Oh, once I bought him a pair of new shoes because he had only one and that was falling apart.Later on we travelled together in his style for 3 weeks in Spain (no money, sleeping in tent, hitch hiking) It was pretty cool!He had parents back in his own country, so he was not technically homeless, he just choose to live on very little.He was super fun to hang out with and I quickly got that click with him. He stayed at my place for quite long (almost 2 weeks) and my flat-mates at that time started to (rightfully) getting pissed slowly that someone suddenly started living with us without paying rent, so I had to ask him to leave.

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Dad, I think you'll be happy to know that I'm dating a rich girl for a.

They know what it's like to be poor or middle class because that's. I dated a guy once whose father was quite wealthy and worked in finance.

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