Plenty more fish dating review

25-May-2019 03:31

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Less than 24 hours and I can't get into my account.

Had heaps of replies but then a weird one from US where person did not answer but just said "tell me more about yourself' I just said I thought he had probably stolen the ID and was he really from US and then that was the end of my account and you can't even sign up again.

Don't pay to join.will tell you all these profiles want to meet you but you have to pay to see them and when you do pay the subscription the women that they said wanted to meet you disappear. No wonder most girls (the majority) won't even reply to even a polite message.

POF seem to sit by and not police all this, happy to take users money and turn a blind eye.

I got to agree with what the these two people are saying about this site, ever since I joint it I have had nothing but time wasters wasting my time people seem to spoil it by taking about s*x word all the time rather than getting to know you and want to date for the right thing rather than the wrong thing, I have been on many dating sites and this is one of the worst site across the board I would not recommend this site to anyone not even my family!

I even found that my profile wasn't even being found in the search engines of the site if I wanted this I would have to pay to be found to be honest I wouldn't waste my money!

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Do not waste your money to upgrade I repeat dont waste your money to upgrade this stupid site cause if you do you will regret it and they dont even refund your money there a joke and a waste just google plenty of fish and see how many bad reviews these idiots have.

Especially if you don't know how to insist on all payments being cancelled.

I went and joined POF in January 2018, I started talking to a few guys.

No wonder why these losers don't have a reviews page because they know they would all get bad reviews and hate messages cause there a bunch of dumb idiots who ruin these apps for people who actually want to find someone.

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I joined few days ago after having couple of years break only not to be able to log on back this morning. The profile of the one of the two academically accomplished candidates was laden with grammar and punctuation errors. I received very abusive messages from a guy after i asked a few questions. I was speaking to this awesome chick we were hitting it off great coversation was great everything was great then a little later when i went to log in shes gone no where to be found her profile gone messages gone everything to do with her gone i cant find her anywhere and i dont think i was blocked i can still see the people who have blocked me or at least evidence of them still but this wonderful chick gone without a trace im confusedor like me she may have been deleted!

But there is a diamond in the rough once in a while.