Playing a steam game without updating

11-Mar-2019 09:06

You can tell Windows to run on the game on only one CPU core to solve this problem – this is referred to as setting the game’s CPU affinity.The easiest way to do this is by launching a game, alt-tabbing out, opening the task manager, right-clicking the game’s process on the Processes tab and using the Set Affinity option.I really am sick of Steam, mainly because I have a horrible internet connection(time warner cable) so I cant access my games because It just keeps trying to connect to steam..Their is nowhere in the start menu or any other menu that I can see that will allow me to connect to steam offline or play Skyrim or any of my other games without logging into steam...If Steam detects it’s running in compatibility mode, you’ll see a message like this one: If you right-click the Steam shortcut and select Properties, you won’t see any compatibility settings being applied: Windows has hidden the compatibility mode setting it applied – you can only remove it from the registry.First, launch the registry editor by clicking Start, typing Regedit into the Start menu, and pressing Enter.Windows doesn’t “save” CPU affinity between sessions – when you close Steam and reopen it, it will use its default CPU affinity settings.

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Be sure to close Steam completely (click the Steam menu at the top of the Steam window and select Exit) before deleting this file.