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A versatile and clever young engineer and designer, Jacobs was hired by the Petters and thus began a partnership interested in designing and building engines.

Initially, a batch of horizontal, single-acting, high-speed steam engines were produced, called the "Yoevil" engine, but an article in "The Boy's Own" paper, which appeared under the heading of "Model Gas Engine," inspired the trio of young designers and engineers to look at the possibility of designing their own gas engine.

In 1901, a limited company was formed, titled James B. The twins came into their own, launching a new vertical range of two-stroke engines - semi-diesel - called the V range and sized from 10 to 200 hp the same year.

Petter & Sons Ltd., and production got underway of the redesigned engine in sizes from 1-1/4 hp to 22 hp. engines, so Petter responded with another redesign, which produced a cheaper engine called the "Handyman," offered in five sizes. In 1912, they came out with the M-type model VF 5/6 hp petro-paraffin engines.

Images shown below are by no means a definitive guide as to the identification of Lister diesel engines, but show general ranges in certain specifications.

Almost all Lister and Lister-Petter engines were produced in numerous guises and specifications, with differing engine rotations, power take offs and ancillaries, all of which can lead to different appearances of the same engine model.

At the start of WWII, the S type semi-diesels were dropped and the Atomic engines were restricted to 5 to 20 hp only so production could be concentrated on the M, A and PU types, and the SS.

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It was used on such equipment as milking machines and saw benches and to drive farm equipment.The winds of war were blowing across Europe again by then, though, and the British government aircraft production increased.In response, the new chairman of Associated and of Petters, A. Good, moved all engine production to the British Electrical Engine Co. Westland Works became Westland Aircraft Co., and went into full production for the government.Another first came in 1933 with the introduction of the four-stroke engine, called the "Petter Universal and Petrol" since 1935.

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This engine, in various sizes, proved very popular as a generating set and pumping set unit; many thousands were used by the British Air Ministry and War Department throughout World War II. engine, called the A type, in from 1-1/2 to 3 hp sizes.

In 1938, a new type of superscavenger engine went into production and continued to be made throughout the war, but it proved to be the last of the two strokes.