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Contact a guitar and amplifier appraiser to find out specific details, such as the age and value of your amplifier.

Inquire at local music stores for appraisal services. Originally from the United Kingdom, now based in Los Angeles, Rob Garland has been a writer and musician since 1989.

The year 2010 will mark our 45th year in business, and we wish to sincerely thank our customers for their support. Due to the volume of quality products that have been manufactured and sold over time, Peavey gets an ever-increasing number of requests for born on dates for older products.

Unfortunately the archive containing this old serial number information has a problem and is currently shut down.

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Peavey Guitars are electric, acoustic, and electric bass guitars branded by Peavey Electronics. made in USA 2002-2004 Vortex Series Vortex 1 made in USA 1985-1986 Vortex 2 made in USA 1985-1986 Vortex EX Vandenberg made in USA Bass guitars edit A Peavey Millennium BXP Axcelerator Series made in USA 4 String discontinued 5 String discontinued 6 String discontinued B-Quad Brian Bromberg s signature, necks made by Modulus Guitars made in USA BXP Series made in Vietnam Cirrus Series made in USA TL Tim Landers s Signature Series made in USA TL-5 5 String discontinued TL-6 String discontinued Dyna-Bass Series made in USA with design help from Tim Landers Foundation Series made in USA Foundation 4 String discontinued Foundation 5 String discontinued Foundation 2000 discontinued Fury Series made in Korea/USA G-Bass discontinued, made in USA Grind Bass USA made in USA 4 String P/J discontinued 5 String J/J discontinued Grind Series made in Vietnam/China 4 String 5 String 6 String Jack Daniel s USA Milestone Series made in Korea Millennium Millennium Plus USA 4 String JJ discontinued 5 String JJ discontinued 4 String J/MM discontinued 5 String J/MM discontinued Millennium International Series made in Korea or Indonesia 4 String Passive pictured discontinued 4 String Active discontinued 5 String Passive discontinued 5 String Active discontinued Patriot made in USA - discontinued Sarzo Bass Rudy Sarzo Signature Model U. A discontinued T-Series made in USA discontinued T-20 discontinued T-40 1978 discontinued T-45 discontinued Unity Passive 1990 Made in USA - discontinued Unity Series 1991 Made in USA - discontinued Unity Series Koa 1991 Made in USA - discontinued Zodiac Series discontinued Zodiac BXP discontinued Zodiac DE Scorpio discontinued Acoustic guitars edit Briarwood DR Series Briarwood CL-1 Briarwood DR-1 Briarwood DR-112 Briarwood DR-2ER Briarwood DR-3ER CDS Briarwood DR-3ERS Briarwood DR-4CA EQ Briarwood DR-4CA WR EQ Briarwood DR-5CA EQ QT Briarwood FL-1 Ecoustic Series Ecoustic made in USA Ecoustic ATS made in USA Jack Daniel s JD-AG1 Jack Daniel s JD-AG2 Jack Daniel s JD-AG3 Serial numbers edit Serial numbers correlate to shipping dates of US models only. Imports designated by EX, EXP, or BXP are not serialized by year. .1978 0000xxxx t/m 0030xxxx 1978 0031xxxx t/m 0047xxxx 1979 0048xxxx t/m 0065xxxx 1980 0066xxxx t/m 0099xxxx 1981 0100xxxx t/m 0129xxxx 1982 0130xxxx t/m 0169xxxx 1983 0170xxxx t/m 0199xxxx 1984 0200xxxx t/m 0239xxxx 1985 0240xxxx t/m 0259xxxx 1986 0260xxxx t/m 0339xxxx 1987 0340xxxx t/m 0359xxxx 1988 0360xxxx t/m 0419xxxx 1989 04249338 t/m 0439xxxx 1990 0440xxxx t/m 0519xxxx 1991 0520xxxx t/m 0599xxxx 1992 0600xxxx t/m 0639xxxx 1993 0640xxxx t/m 0769xxxx 1994 0770xxxx . I read recently that the first two numbers are the year, but this seems wrong to me at least sometimes.

Later (about 89 or 90) Peavey started using the 1501 speaker (what is currently used in the Nashville 1000) and that changed the overall response of the amp.

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