Patti dating detox

12-Mar-2019 10:09

If your most recent relationship lasted less than a year or if you’ve never had a serious relationship, detox for thirty days.

If your last relationship lasted for two years, detox for sixty days.

Not to worry -- I'm here to help you make that fantasy a reality, with one major addition: you'll be sipping that mojito with a big, glittering diamond ring on your left hand. I know what the good guys want in a wife, and what sends them screaming into the night. I've compiled my best tried-and-true advice and I'm going to tell you the things that even your best friend doesn't have the courage to break to you. This is probably my favorite step of all, because it’s all about me—excuse me—I mean, it’s all about you.

If you follow my formula, the man of your dreams will appear in your life, and you can be in a committed, monogamous relationship with him in less than a year. It’s not about men, not about friends or family, it’s not about pleasing anyone else—you purely focus on pleasing yourself.

During Dating Detox you need to learn to love and trust the opposite sex.

You need to stop complaining about men and focus on their redeeming qualities.

The Happiest Place on Earth One of the reasons this step is so delectable is that for thirty to ninety days, you’re allowed to completely forget your troubles.

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During my matchmaking events I often see cheerful women who are not classically beautiful attracting more men than the supermodels in the room. Because the supermodels are more likely to be starving and insecure, and don’t exactly exude joie de vivre. I tell each one that her attitude will only set her back because a man will only be drawn to her once she realizes that she can be happy without him.If it was a marriage or a relationship that lasted three or more years, detox for ninety days.Believe me, you’ll end up loving Dating Detox so much you might need someone close to you to slap you and make you move on from it.If you've ever found yourself picking off your nail polish, sitting in your sweats with an empty carton of Ben & Jerry's, wondering, "Where are all the good men, and why isn't a gorgeous one standing shirtless in my kitchen mixing me up a pomegranate mojito? Maybe you’re a serial dater who can’t make a relationship last more than two months.

" I hate to tell you this, but it's your own fault. As a third-generation matchmaker and the president of one of the world's most elite dating services -- the Millionaire's Club -- I've put myself in the enviable position of being friend, confi dante, and relationship counselor to men and women the world over. If you fall into any of these categories (and what single woman doesn’t? During this step you get to stop, take a deep breath, and get your romantic bearings.

A word about therapy: I’ve worked extensively with therapists and psychiatrists in my business, but I would suggest choosing your therapist very carefully and finding one that’s truly right for you.

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