Online dating depression scottish gilrs for dating

29-Jun-2019 03:33

So I just wanted to throw these stats in here to basically say that our problems are not imaginary, and this study basically proves this point. People (especially girls) say they want X qualities but they dont.

They want someone attractive and then they learn to like the persons qualities.

So Hinge, which is a dating app, that unlike Tinder or Bumble, is supposed to be more "relationship-centred" at least in theory, did a study about attractiveness and dating on the app.

It turned out that men rated in the top 10% of physical attractiveness got a whopping 60% of the matches, while all the men in the bottom of the attractiveness pool received only 4.5% of the total matches.

The pain of being rejected in online dating scenarios can also sting.

I think people are pretty aware at what is 'meaningful' and what is 'shallow'.

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