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On large monitors behind the stage, the charming landscapes of the Motherland, pictures of prosperous life and creative efforts of our people replaced each other.

The solemn event was attended by representatives of state and public organizations, members of the parliament and government, as well as compatriots, fruitfully working in various fields, representatives of the diplomatic corps.

Additional information about Uzbekistan Ancient Silk Road The Republic of Karakalpakstan, Uzbekistan: area - 166,6 thousand sq. km Andijan Province, Uzbekistan: area - 4,24 thousand sq.

km Bukhara Province, Uzbekistan: area - 40,30 thousand sq.

Let your life like a spring morning be bright, joyful and prosperous!

May Navruz bring prosperity and happiness to every home, every family, ” the head of state said.

km Namangan Province, Uzbekistan: area - 7,44 thousand sq.

km Surkhandarya Province , Uzbekistan: area - 20,1 thousand sq.The mountain ranges blocked the humidity from the Indian Ocean.It caused considerable climatic change: the weather became dry and huge desert areas appeared.The Raboti-Malik, the caravansary near Navoi, still stands as a fine example.

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It was a large structure where dozens of caravans could be accommodated at the same time.Shavkat Mirziyoyev congratulated compatriots and foreign guests on the holiday Navruz.