Nurse dating patient family

31-Jul-2019 14:34

Jim and Sheila talked briefly during the intake process and he was in the jail 48 hours.

She saw him again a couple weeks later in line at the coffee shop in town.

Professionals attracted to patients should seek advice from a colleague and may have to hand treatment over, the draft report states.

When boundaries are crossed into a personal relationship, the focus is clouded and can easily shift to meeting the nurse’s personal needs.

When has a professional relationship changed to a personal one? Here are some common ways to evaluate if a patient relationship is moving outside the therapeutic zone.

However, it adds that relationships are unprofessional if the patient is exploited, was vulnerable or the professional relationship was terminated to start a sexual relationship.

The guidance was drawn up by a Clear Boundaries project team, run by the CHRE.

Posts Maintaining Professional Boundaries-Part I Maintaining Professional Boundaries-Part II Podcasts Ethical Boundaries: What Correctional Nurses Need to Know Understanding Professional Boundaries The Nurse’s Guide to Professional Boundaries provides some helpful information for Sheila as she considers Jim’s movie offer.

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