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Beginning in the Middle Kingdom the ancient Egyptians obtained gold from Nubia. C.) Kandake Amanitore Kandake Amanishakheto Natakamani: (1–50 A. Kandake Amanitore Shorkaro [Source: (Department of Egyptian Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art, October 2001,] Scholars divide Nubian history into six distinct cultures between 3800 B. As was true with the “Lower” and “Upper” designations of ancient Egypt “Lower” referred to the northern kingdom of Nubia and “Upper” refers to southern kingdom with the Nile being the point of reference.Gold was called in ancient Egypt and may be the source of the name Nubia. C.) Adikhalamani Arkamani II Kandake (Queen) Shanakdakheto: (170–150 B. “Lower Nubia” lies on the northern, down-river part of the Nile roughly between Aswan and the Third Cataract of the Nile and “Upper Nubia” lies on the southern upper river part of the Nile roughly between Third Cataract of the Nile and present-day Khartoum.The Nubians have their own language, and most of them make a living farming or fishing on the Nile. (Khartoum is located further south where the White Nile and Blue Nile join to form the Nile.Others work as captains and crew members on feluccas. One of the reasons why Nubia was given a short shrift in ancient history is partly out prejudice towards its largely black population.Ebony, ivory, leopard skins and incenses also came from Nubia or at least were transported through it from sub-Saharan Africa. Nubia was centered around the city-states of Napata, El Kurru and Jebel Barkal, near the Forth Cataract of the Nile.Mainly what defines Nubia today are the Nubian people, a black race with a history as old as ancient Egypt. Other important cities included Aswan at the First Cataract, Karanog and Quustul north of the Second Cataract, Kerma at the Third Cataract, and Meroe and Naga near the Sixth Cataract.Aggressions by Egypt in the third millennium forced the A-Group into a remote area above the Second Cataract. The children of favored Nubians were educated in Thebes. They venerated Egyptian gods, particularly Amun, used the Egyptians language, adopted Egyptians burial styles and later even built pyramids.

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One was the use of the pyramid; earlier Nubian rulers had been entombed in giant mounds. Egyptian armies built a colossal series of fortresses around the Second Cataract and used them to thrust deep into Nubia, perhaps as part of an effort to get a hold of Nubia's gold mines that were being opened at that time in the Eastern Desert. C., Egypt was racked by internal problems and withdrew from the fortresses. After the Egyptians left, a grand kingdom emerged at Kerma with palaces, cemeteries and magnificent royal tombs. The conflicted last about 100 years and when it was over Egypt claimed much of Nubia and controlled it for 350 years, during which time Nubia became throughly Egyptianized as is reflected by Nubian art of that time. Thutmose I once sailed into Thebes with the naked body of a rebellious Nubian chieftain dangling from the prow of his ship.

In recent years serious archeological research has been disrupted by the construction of a dam in Sudan, 1000 kilometers upstream from the Aswan High Dam. Afro-Americans have embraced the Nubians as a kind of chosen people for them. C.), and survived as an Egyptianized kingdom (Kush: capital Meroe) for 100 years. The Egyptian often referred to the Nubians as "vile," "miserable" and "wretched." Pharaohs made images of Nubians on their foot stool so they could crush them with their sandals. The pharaoh Sneferu recorded a great victory against the Nubians in 2600 B. and he bragged 7,000 Nubians and 200,000 domestic animals were captured. Karen Rosenberg wrote in the New York Times, “Egypt’s assimilation of Nubia into its empire prompted some political niceties. the Nubian empire stretched between the Second and Fifth Cataracts.

A rap group on New York calls itself Brand Nubian and a Nubian hero "Heru: Son of Ausur" is featured in a new comic book. Nubia was a major source of gold, labor and exotic materials for ancient Egypt. The name “Kush” remained, but the adjective “vile” was dropped; the Egyptian governor of Nubia was called the “King’s Son of Kush.” The Egyptian cult of Amun was modified to suggest Nubia’s “holy mountain,” Gebel Barkal, as that deity’s birthplace. Hints of greatness from this period have een found.

Roman chroniclers said Nubia was ruled by a dynasty of queens who traveled in chariots pulled by teams of 20 elephants and who lived in houses with translucent walls made from a single stone. He believed Nubian leaders were light-skinned Egypto-Libyans who ruled over primitive Africans.

They also wrote that Nubian women had considerably larger breasts than women of other races. The first archaeologists to make significant Nubian finds did so below the Forth Cataract at the royal cemeteries of El Kurru.C., Southern Nubia developed into a powerful kingdom known as Kush. C.; their story has largely been told by the Egyptians, who were prolific scribes.