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16-Jun-2019 17:01

This documentary appears to have been done to fit a certain narrative that both MGMRI and the LVMPD wanted. The worst mass shooting in modern American history and ABC News failed to address the biggest catastrophic failure to an active shooter incident by police and armed security who were just feet away from the shooter and did nothing to stop and distract him.

ABC showed a small clip of LVMPD Officer Cordell Hendrex moving through the casino floor with armed Mandalay Bay security.

Again, was it because he was more concerned with his shift ending and didn’t want to bother with it?

Campos’ failure to investigate those suspicious sounds, and call into security dispatch, was again, negligence on his part.

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If so, then why didn’t you call that into security dispatch? When Campos was interviewed by the LVMPD detective after the Massacre he even admitted that something was out of the ordinary when he told the detective during his recorded interview, He wasn’t challenged at the time by the detective on that statement and it appears ABC hadn’t challenged him either. ABC wrote that after Campos couldn’t get into the 32 So that was not normal to Campos, but the fire door that he couldn’t open wasn’t?

Campos was negligent in not calling that in immediately.