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This shows up the image with the progress as shown below.

Another very simple option to display progress during an async postback is to use the Update Progress control.

In this article, we will study three different techniques that allow you to visually display progress to users while performing partial-page updates using the Update Panel.

This class defines client events that you can use during an asynchronous request cycle.

Unfortunatley, I can't drop the dynamic creation, as this app is used to maintain three different systems, and being defined by an XML configuration file, means that the page can be used to maintain multiple tables.

After investigation, it looks like the Selected Index Changed is not called because on the postback with update, the Drop Down List doesn't exists, therefore the event doesn't exist.

import from "@angular/core"; import Custom Store from "devextreme/data/custom_store"; import from "@angular/common/http"; import "rxjs/add/operator/to Promise"; // ...

export class App Component @Ng Module() Data caching allows the Custom Store to decrease the number of data requests.

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As shown in the code above, we first get a reference to the Page Request Manager and then wire up the initialize Request and end Request events to execute, when an async postback begins and ends respectively.When the user initiates a postback by clicking on the button kept inside the Update Panel, we set a delay of 3 seconds.To display progress to the user, we handle the Initialize Request at the client side and set the to visible.From what was said in the other comment, should I be calling the Build Grid from somewhere other than Page_Load()?

What happen if you leave the Bind Grid(); at the end but call Build Grid(); before finding the ddl?

The animations to be played are declaratively specified using XML.