Navaho dating practices

15-Aug-2019 17:54

The purpose of crossing a sprinkle of the com pollen is a blessing to uphold, with integrity and dignity, a pledge of unity, and roles and responsibilities.The sprinkle of the com pollen from the west to east and back represents the commitment and expectations that the husband will go outside to succeed and bring in the teachings and nourishment to his family’s well being.Virtually the sole surviving function of the clan is in the limitation of marriage choices; clan exogamy at Shonto remains universal.On the positive side, however, no pattern of clan preference in marriage is discernible.

The black prints also represent the Holy People’s readiness to listen, assist, protect, and to guide.The base is the foundation of life, the Mother Earth, and the outer edge is the foundation of the Father Universe.The color prints or figures are the formations of the earth surfaces, water, and the sky of days and nights throughout the four seasons.The relations and reciprocal behavior established are essentially similar to those which ensue when two Anglo-American namesakes meet by chance, and probably have no more functional significance. It is readily observable that interaction between households and residence groups is determined by blood relationship without reference to clan.

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Economic and social responsibility for clan brothers and sisters are definitely things of the past at Shonto (cf. More than any other factor, it is probably the lack of a clearcut residence tradition (see below) which has in the long run robbed Shonto’s clans of most of their functional significance.The frequency of marriage between different pairs of clans is proportional throughout to the numerical strength of the clans themselves.